Welcome to Enviro Legal Defence Firm

Bridging the gap between the field and the courts

The Enviro Legal Defence Firm (ELDF), India’s first environmental law firm, is a manifestation of a dream, to be different; to achieve; to make a difference. Environment is the canvas, law is the brush. We look forward to painting a life, which is beautiful, clean, green, fresh and honest. ELDF aims at mainstreaming the discipline of environment and development law, resolving conflicts over natural resources and strengthen environmental jurisprudence. It’s our belief that there is a great potential to contribute to this discipline by bridging the gap that exists between the field-based conflicts and the courts or other formal adjudicating bodies. We also believe that ‘Practicing law’ has to grow beyond the formal courts of law.

We aim at providing a unique institutional framework that would sustain major legal initiatives both within and outside the courts. ELDF is an independent team of erudite legal professionals, which provides services to anyone who approaches us, including Governments, Non-Government Organizations, Educational Institutions, Individuals, Private and External Agencies engaged in areas of environment and development law. It is our endeavor to ensure that the service provided by us is free from all biases and prejudices and speaks frankly about legal aspects- as we understand them.

ELDF follows a three-pronged service delivery strategy.

  • Legal Interventions including Legal Opinion
  • Consultancy including Research
  • Field based environment and development law training


  • Represent individuals and organizations in courts and before administrative agencies in cases that would have significant impact in protecting the environment, resources and ecosystems and establish important precedents in case laws;
  • Provide legal representation and assistance to those sectors of the population that have little or no influence in environmental and natural resources decisions and lobby for their inclusion and participation in decisions affecting their well-being;
  • Provide consultancy based research and legal opinions on environment and development law that can be used by others to protect both urban and rural environment;
  • Provide analyses of International Instruments, Policies, Laws and Regulations and also provides assistance in formulating them;
  • Facilitates negotiation, mediation and arbitration of disputes over natural resources and develop skills in conflict resolution and environmental problem-solving;
  • Provide a forum to encourage and enhance capacities in young lawyers to strengthen the field of environment and development law.